Hello. My name is Emma. I am the creator of the Glow Chimp online store. We  specialise in innovative & stylish high visibility & reflective apparel & accessories for kids & adults.

The idea to set up Glow Chimp came about when my daughter (aged approx 4 at the time), made a firm protest that she would not wear a baggy hi vis jacket to make herself more visible & therefore safer. It was not cool. I could see her point. The only high visibility  products that I could find were poor fitting, with little thought around style or detail to make them attractive to kids and adults also. 

I also discovered that many cheaper products do not meet EU regulations for safety - so although product may look bright / reflective, they may not function so well in terms of making the wearer more visible.

My ongoing concern of seeing my daughter walk / run / cycle down the road & just not being visible to drivers due to the darker colours of her school uniform would not go away. So I began to search the market with a view to finding a product range that she would enjoy wearing! 

During my search, I discovered WOWOW Reflective Wear... a highly innovative producer of Hi Vis & Reflective clothing & accessories based in Belgium. The Wowow team focus on developing product to deliver "Fashionable Safety”. 

I made contact with the gentleman behind WOWOW - Peter Lievens, & discovered that WOWOW offered a much wider range of product than was currently available in the UK market. A decision was made to therefore introduce the Wowow brand into the UK via the Glow Chimp store. 

Both Peter & myself have a key shared ambition: 

"If only one life can be saved thanks to our products, we will have accomplished the mission of our company.”

A small range of Glow Chimp products are also currently being developed which includes a range of dog  & cat collars & dog leads. Watch this space. Yet in the meantime, Glow Chimp offer the WOWOW range exclusively to their range, which demonstrates the extent to which the range delivers on quality, style, innovation & function! 

Thank you for taking the time to read "OUR STORY" ….